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Meterium – is a new measure unit. Ready-made solutions for your business instead of quarter meters. Subscription instead of rental rate. Self and business development instead of constantly seeking.
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For any size of business
We create an environment for development regardless of the size of your business. Small areas for starting a business, medium for confident entrepreneurs and large for those who need more.
Spaces from 30 meters for small manufactures and businesses.
Larger spaces from 300 meters for medium-size businesses.
Large-scale solutions for well-established businesses.
Smart meter
Almost any business starts with renting an office or a small space for or manufacture, but not everyone can limit it.

As a rule, together with the premises there are new tasks that need to be solved in the course of business development and without prejudice to the latter. Over time, any business has more tasks than time and resources to solve them. This is how the concept of delegation came about.
To start
If you are just starting your own business, you probably have questions, and we and we know the answers

We will help to register a business, choose the optimal tax system, determine the type of activity (OKVED) and solve other issues that make our head spin.

Proper business organization from the very beginning will save you from possible problems in the future. But as the work progresses, there are more questions, and less resources to solve them. As a result, the entrepreneur is engaged in anything, but not in the development of his business.

Calculate taxes, prepare reports, check documents of contractors, solve issues with the bank and tax. You will only deal with your main business.

What do we offer?
Office and industrial storage facilities, open areas for storage and services for organizing your business.

Tilda Publishing
Office space,
warehouse or premises for production

Warehouse and retail space for small businesses from 30 meters.

Tilda Publishing
Back office, services

Accounting and legal support and advice, custody and inventory accounting services.

Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing
Business Administration

Personal business assistant will help in solving problems for which there is not enough time.

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8 (800) 500-57-56
Moscow: 2nd Zvenigorodskaya Street, 12 bldg. 6
Fryazino: Zavodskoy passage, 3
Novosibirsk: Berdsk, Himzavodskaya 11/85
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